The ultimate experience in unspoiled nature

Our innovative suites and services have been designed to let you experience nature at it’s fullest. Whether you relax or head out, our aim is to amaze you.

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Location: Hoenderloo (Veluwe)

The ultimate experience in unspoiled nature

Our suites have been designed to create a full immersion with nature. Whether showering under the sky, or sleeping in a kingsize bed with an amazing view, or while enjoying a cup of coffee on the large terrace. The stylish dark interieur minimizes any distraction and let’s you enjoy the surroudings.

Allowing full control over your stay

No more hassle to check in and pick up the keys. The Cuber app gives you full autonomy of your stay.

From opening the door, adjusting the lighting or temperature, to ordering additional services like breakfast or an e-bike.

Aided by your personal guide

As a modern citizen you are looking for memorable moments and experiences. Based on your personal interests you can choose your local guide who will be your digital host during your stay.

To ensure you find those hidden gems, or the best hiking or cycling trail, or that one restaurant you have to try. Your guide is there to make your stay an extraordinary experience.

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