Work at Cuber Suites

Be your own boss

Determine where and when you work. Freelancing with the support of a company. Help us reinvent leisure work!

Become a guide

Are you looking for a (side) job in which you decide how often and when you work? Become a freelance guide for Cuber and guide our guests!


Work when it suits you best, at your own pace and the way you like. Easy to combine with housework at home, a part-time job or studies. Get started at Cuber Housekeeping.


Great! You’re gonna be a freelancer! This has a lot of perks but also some responsibilities. But don’t worry, we’ll help you get started!

Work wherever

As a guide, you can work whenever wherever. Flexible and easy via the app on your phone. Work at home in bed, on the couch, on the train, at the beach or in a bar.

You're the boss

You are your own boss. Whether you’re a guide or a housekeeper, you decide whether you want to take on a reservation or workday or not. This way you determine your own workload.

Optimal support

You are not alone. As a guide you have acces to our database and backup of park support. Housekeepers have acces to the best equipment and are always supported by the shiftleader.