How to become a registered freelancer

You're gonna be your own boss...

Great! This brings you a lot of freedom, but also some responsibilities. Don’t worry, this’ll be fine! We’ll help you on your way.

You may work for us once without a VAT-ID. Did you decide to work as a freelancer for Cuber? In that case you have to register with the Chamber of Commerce (KvK) as a sole proprietorship, or request a VAT identification number (VAT-ID) from the Tax Authorities.

Ok, so you can register as a freelancer in two different ways:

  1. Via the Tax Authorities (Declaration of a Start-up Enterprise form)

  2. Register at the Chamber of Commerce


1. The tax authorities

Just going to freelance every now and then, or are you not sure yet exactly how often you will work? In this case you can use the OSO form (Opgaaf Startende Onderneming) from the Tax Authorities to apply for a VAT number. Applying for this is free and takes about two weeks. 


How does it work?

Request a VAT-ID from the tax authorities using this form .

It takes an average of two weeks before they have processed your application. You’ll receive a VAT-ID and VAT number, which you pass on to us. Now we can pay you! 

Note: If you’re going to work for us a lot on a freelance basis, you may be required to register with the Chamber of Commerce. So keep reading before you apply for a VAT-ID via the OSO form.



2. The Chamber of Commerce

Are you planning to work as a freelancer often? Then you may be required to register with the Chamber of Commerce. You can check the rules here.


How does it work?

Make an appointment at a Chamber of Commerce office. You’ll receive a Chamber of Commerce number with this.

You cannot work in the meantime.

After your appointment and within four to eight days, you’ll receive a VAT-ID and VAT number from the tax authorities. You pass this on to us, now you can get started!

Registering as a sole proprietorship at the Chamber of Commerce costs €50. However, as a guide you’ll earn this back in no time. In addition, this is also useful if you start working as a freelancer elsewhere in the future. Furthermore, these costs are deductible and you’ll probably receive a tax benefit. 

Do you have specific questions for the Chamber of Commerce? Then you can go here.


VAT return (turnover tax)

As a freelancer you’re obliged to file a VAT return every quarter, even if you didn’t work that quarter. Do you work via the KOR (small business scheme)? Then you don’t have to file a VAT return.


Income tax return

Everyone with a Dutch nationality is obliged to pay income tax. If you work as an employee, the amount that you must declare is already filled out when you file your tax return. As a freelancer, you are responsible for calculating the amount on which you pay taxes. Before May 1st each year, you prepare an overview of your income and expenses for the previous year.


Student entrepreneur

Are you a student and independent entrepreneur? You’re not the only one! There are more like you. The Chamber of Commerce has listed all the ins and outs for you. Here you can read all about earning as a student entrepreneur.


Just to summarize everything: