Be your own boss

Are you looking for a (side) job in which you can decide for yourself how often and when you work? Become a freelance guide for Cuber and guide our guests!

The perfect job

Werk wherever

As a guide you can work whenever wherever. Flexible and easy via the app on your phone. Work at home in bed, on the couch, on the train, at the beach or in a bar.

Own boss

You are your own boss. When a guest has chosen you as their guide, you decide whether you want to take on this reservation or not. This way you determine your own workload.

Optimal support

You are not alone. When advising your guests, you have acces to our database. Can’t quite figure it out? Call in park support for a solution.

Work wherever you like

Work at Cuber anytime and anywhere. You work from your phone via the Cuber app. This way you can easily give your guests some day-trip-tips on your way to class. Whether you’re at school, at home on the couch or at your local pub, as long as your phone is charged 😉

Combine with school

A side job as a Cuber guide can be perfectly combined with your studies. Unlike a part-time job in the hospitality industry, you don’t have to work on location. You also don’t work at fixed times according to a work schedule and can decide for yourself whether to take on a reservation. Exams this week? Just take on fewer reservations and make extra time to study. Or not, it’s up to you!

Innovative hospitality

Take part in the newest and most innovative concept in the hospitality industry. Learn what it means to build a unique personal connection with guests without meeting them even once.

Make money on your phone

Always online? Then this is the job for you. Minimum time, maximum yield. Depending on the number of questions you can earn up to € 40,- per hour. You receive a fixed fee for each booked reservation. It’s never been easier to have a side job.

From our Guides

“Combining my studies and working as a Guide for Cuber Suites is great. A quick text in between classes is send in a jiffy. And during an examweek I just take on fewer reservations!”

– Shakyra

“The app works easily and efficiently. Wherever you are, you can fix anything for your guests. For them you're their first point of contact. You operate - via the app -in the center of it all.”

– Maranthi

“I really enjoy working in hospitality in this way.
When I get a hapy face emoji in my chat, I know I made my guests happy yet again😄

– David


You’re a natural and hospitable communicator and are continuously available between 08:00 and 21:00. You awnser you’re guests within 15 minutes and are proactive in making contact. You’re a registered freelancer with the KvK.

When you indicate in the app that you’re available, guests can pick you as their Guide. When they do, you’re notified via the app. From this point on you are the digital host for these guests. You proactively make contact and awnser questions. You make sure your guests have a great experience by giving them tips about cool trips, local restaurants and all the hidden gems of the Veluwe. You have our database and park support as a backup. Sometimes you’re very busy and get a lot of questions, other times guests like to find their own way. Either way, you are their personal guide during their stay.

Freelancing means that you are your own boss, you do not have a contract but you work as a self-employed person for Cuber Suites.

You determine when and how often you would like to work. You send us a message via the contactform below and during a short digital introduction we decide wheter to work together or not.

You can indicate when you’re available. As a Guide you can do this easily in the app. As a housekeeper, a shift leader assigns suites to clean for you on that day.

As a Guide you receive a fixed amount per completed reservation. As a housekeeper you receive a fixed amount per cleaned suite. 

To work as a freelancer you must have a VAT number and be registered with the Chamber of Commerce (KvK). You can fix this yourself, but if you find this difficult; don’t panic, we’ll help you!

Freelancing is great! It gives you a lot of freedom, but also a number of responsibilities.

Don’t worry, we’ll help you get you started. Check out the Freelance page for all the info you need to become a freelancer for Cuber Suites.

Via the registration form below.

Don’t have a VAT ID yet? No problem, just fill this out in the form. In order to be able to get started quickly, it’s wise to set this in motion; applying for this can take up to two weeks.

Via the Freelance page we’ll help you find your way.

Yes, I want to be a Guide

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